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Stainless steel hardening heat treatment

Stainless steel hardening heat treatment


Application: Hardening & Quenching

Material Heated:stainless steel.45#,40Cr

Bar Diameter Allow: Φ20-110mm

Pipe Diameter Allow: Φ60-300mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Stainless steel hardening heat treatment

Definition – What does Induction Hardening mean ?

Induction hardening is a heat treatment process carried out to enhance the mechanical properties in a localized area of a ferrous component. The resultant hardened area improves the wear and fatigue resistance along with strength.

hardening stainless steel

Forever stainless steel hardening heat treatment can be used for the following application

   ●  Surface hardening of steel or steel alloys
   ●  Wheel hubs
   ●  Edge hardening of complex parts
   ●  Gears
   ●  Springs
   ●  Sprockets
   ●  Axle shafts
   ●  Pins
   ●  Steering components
   ●  Transmission components
   ●  Drive shaft


   ●  High reliability:Adopt famous brand components of IGBT power supply which reduce fault rate and make sure the equipment can run reliably.
   ●  Safe and reliable.There are reliable protection covers for the mechanical rotating parts,which is durable and very safe for operators. Automatic protections for water temperature,water pressure,phase shortage,overcurrent and undervoltage.
   ●  Easy installation & commission and simple operation.
   ●  Transmission mechanism frame has sufficient strength and rigidity for ease of installation of equipment
   ●  Feeding and discharging table is using high quality steel welded firmly, which can withstand a certain impact load.

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