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Induction forging furnace

Induction forging furnace


Application: Forging & Forming

Material Heated:Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel

Diameter Allow: Φ20-300mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Induction forging furnace

Forever Induction forging furnace offer high efficiency and energy saving especially for the forging industry where the induction heater is used to pre-heat metals to between 1100 and 1200 degrees C (2010- 2190F). This increases their malleability and also aids flow in the forging die. Precise control of the heating temperature can also improve the result of heat treatment after forging. Our Induction forging furnace have pre-stressed structures, high strength, long life and easy maintenance.

Induction forging furnace consists of:

 ●  Medium frequency power 160KW-8000KW

 ●  Compensation capacitance and forging working station

 ●  Induction coil

 ●  Pneumatic feeding mechanism

 ●  Plate heat exchanger or closed cooling machine

Induction forging furnace features

 ● Forge furnace with high heating speed

 ● Oxidation with less decarburization

 ● Energy saving, less pollution

 ● High degree of automation, full automatic operation can be realized

 ● Heating temperature uniformity, high control precision

Technical process of forging round bar furnace:



    Technical parameters

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