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Hot rolling plate

Hot rolling plate


Application: Rolling, Forging

Heating: Flat plate, sheet, slab

Diameter Allow: Φ20-300mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Hot rolling plate

As the leading manufacturer of plate induction heating system, Forever hot rolling plate induction furnace has been widely used in steel hot rolling process. With precious temperature PLC control & rich induction heating experience, we can customized design and produce hot rolling plate induction furnace for your plant.

plate heating rolling furnace

Hot rolling plate induction heating power supply 

●       Parallel resonance design, phase-shift control; mature and stable performance; more advantages for the power of 3000KW or above.
●       DSP control, start with instant capture & Phase-Locked, meet the requirement of frequent start and stop ; 100% successful start rate.
●       Self-Adaptive at frequency variation or load variation;the frequency adaptation range is 200-10000Hz; induction furnace replacement is automatic matching, no need to make any manual adjustments.
●      The power supply cabinet adopts T2 copper which is processed by sandblasting and passivation; low leakage inductance, antioxidant, effectively reducing line losses.
●      Full touch screen control, pure digital setting, with complete process record and strict purview control.The main parameters can be one key recovery of the factory settings.
●       Per single output power 50 ~ 6000KW, frequency 200 ~ 10000Hz.

Control for heating process

PLC automatic control for the whole heating process and show the production records such as plate heating temperature, power, plate quantity etc.

Available for hot rolling the following work piece

● Pipes,tubes ● Rebar, deformed bar
● Steel bar,round bars ● Sucker rod,drill rod
● Plate, sheet ● Seamless pipe,thick-walled pipe

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