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Forging bar

Forging bar


Application: Forging & Forming

Material Heated:Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Brass

Diameter Allow: Φ20-300mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Forging bar with induction furnace

Working process: Workers bars on the feeding machine—Automatic loading machine—Cylinder pushing bars into inductor—Chain conveyor will discharge the bars 

During the whole process, all the motions are controlled by PLC, intelligent & high efficient. As different customer’s work piece and production capacity is different, our company will provide customized induction heater design as per specific bars diameter,length and material.

induction bar forging furnace

Different material heating temperature for forging bar:

●     Steel 1200º C

●     Brass 750º C

●     Aluminum 500º C

Forging bar induction furnace components description

●      Mediate frequency power supply: Power saving 10% -15%:No harmonics, high power factor, load output voltage is high, the load coil current is low,small power consumption.

●     Automatic feeding machine: Usually we have washboard type feeding machine and chain type feeding machine

●     Cylinder pushing device: For the short bars, usually we use chain conveyor; for long bars, we will use roller conveyor.

●     Induction heating coils: The coils diameter, length & segments will design as per bars size.

●     Control system: Siemens PLC automatic control system.

●     Optional component: Closed cooling machine. With our cooling tower, you needn’t to prepare anything, only need to supply water and power, then the system will work. It is very easy to operate.

Successful cases

Bar Diameter Bar Length Heating Temp. Power
Ø 16 mm 300mm 950℃ 250KW/4000Hz
Ø 31-80 mm 70-480mm 1250℃ 500KW/2500Hz
Ø 120 mm 1500mm 1250℃ 2000KW/1000HZ
Billet size Billet length Heating Temp. Production capacity
60*60mm2 3m-4 m 1000℃-1100℃ 25T/H
75*75mm2 3-6 m Room Temp.-1100℃ 25T/H
100*100mm2 2 m 750℃-1000℃ 7T/H
120*120mm2 750℃-1100℃ 30T/H
120*120mm2 11.5-12.5m 950℃-1150℃ 90T/H
125*125mm2 6  m Room Temp.-1200℃ 8T/H
125*125mm2 2 m 750℃-1000℃ 7T/H
130*130mm2 6 m 950℃-1150℃ 50T/H
135*135mm2 6 m 950℃-1150℃ 100T/H
150*150mm2 11.5-12.5m 950℃-1150℃ 70T/H

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