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Steel billet reheating furnace advantages

Forever specializes in customizing Steel billet reheating furnaces with guaranteed quality, direct sales from manufacturers, and reasonable prices. We have years of production experience in steel billet reheating furnaces, and use the new generation IBGT power module and excellent frequency conversion technology to control the entire system. The steel billet reheating furnace heats evenly, saves energy and environmental protection, and has high production efficiency. Here you can enjoy our excellent service. Welcome to visit the factory and negotiate business!

The reheating furnace for steel billets is controlled by an intermediate frequency power supply, which has the following characteristics:

1. Constant power output, fast heating speed: An intermediate frequency power supply is a true constant power output power supply. Adding a small amount of material can achieve rated power output, and it always remains unchanged. The reverse frequency converter tracks load changes at all times, achieving complete resonance protection for constant power output. It is different from the thyristor intermediate frequency power regulation method, where the thyristor intermediate frequency power supply adjusts the DC output voltage. IGBT intermediate frequency power supply products regulate frequency and are not affected by furnace materials. Throughout the entire heating process, constant power output is maintained, especially in the production of non magnetic substances such as stainless steel, copper, and aluminum, which demonstrates its advantages such as fast melting speed, low burning loss of furnace elements, and reduced casting costs. So the smelting speed is fast, thereby achieving high efficiency and energy conservation.


Steel billet induction heating equipment

2. No high order harmonic interference: High order harmonics mainly come from the burr voltage generated by the controllable silicon during the voltage regulation of the rectifier section, which can seriously pollute the power grid and cause other equipment to not work properly. However, energy-saving IGBT intermediate frequency power supply is a voltage type inverter, and the rectifier section adopts full bridge rectification. The rectifier thyristor will be fully conductive, and the IGBT intermediate frequency adopts frequency modulation and power regulation, inductance and capacitor filtering, and has been working at 500V, The power factor reaches 0.98 or above, and the rectifier circuit uses thyristors to achieve soft start and stop. Due to the full conduction of the thyristors during normal operation, the DC voltage always works at a high level without adjusting the conduction angle, and there is no significant current impact during start and stop. Therefore, high order harmonics are minimal, and do not pollute the power grid or interfere with the operation of electronic equipment in the factory.

3. High startup power: Due to the use of series inverter technology, it is easy to start and completely solves the problem of difficulty in starting the thyristor at intermediate frequency. Reliable and frequent startup can be achieved, with a high success rate of startup.

4. The product has high reliability: The main components of the IGBT intermediate frequency power supply are all made by world-renowned factories, and the IGBT transistor is produced by Siemens in Germany. This product has mature technology, reasonable results, convenient debugging and maintenance, and reliable performance. It is also equipped with various fast automatic protection functions such as water pressure, water temperature, phase loss, overcurrent, undervoltage, and repeated startup, ensuring stable and reliable operation of the modified product.


5. The product has high stability: Our company’s IGBT medium frequency power supply products use components produced by international brand companies. The cooling system of the product adopts internal circulation cooling, and the internal circulation uses softened water. The water path in the induction heating furnace for steel billets is not scaled or blocked for long-term use, and the equipment is equipped with air conditioning. The components always work at the appropriate temperature, greatly reducing the failure rate, ensuring the stability of the entire machine, and saving maintenance costs.

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