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Steel bar induction heat treatment equipment – Forever furnace

In recent years, energy conservation, environmental protection, green production, metal workpiece processing and other industries have been advocated throughout the country. Many metal workpiece processing enterprises have also begun to abandon the original polluting processing methods and use new steel bar induction heat treatment equipment. Because the steel bar induction heat treatment equipment adopts PLC man-machine interface automatic intelligent control system, the reliable energy-saving and pollution-free operation is realized. Many user friends said that this is a good helper.


Steel bar induction heat treatment equipment has high working efficiency and good performance!

The steel bar induction heat treatment device has compact structure, stable performance, high load rate, and can be produced continuously to meet the requirements of users for high output.

The PLC automatic control system is adopted to monitor the operation status of the equipment through the computer, so as to complete the automatic operation, make the operation easier and intelligent, make full use of energy in production and reduce power consumption. Strong and stable production capacity to achieve efficient operation.

The steel bar heat treatment equipment can save energy.

The electric control induction heating furnace adopts network energy-saving induction heating control. The performance of FOREVER electromechanical steel bar induction heat treatment equipment is more stable and reliable, and the production process does not produce noise and other pollution, so as to realize environmental protection treatment.

FOREVER electromechanical induction heat treatment equipment enjoys preferential prices.

FOREVER electromechanical has worked hard for many years and has rich production and management experience. It has won everyone’s trust with its heart. Professionals provide early-stage procurement guidance and customers one at a time. After purchase, it also provides users with a series of late-stage services, such as induction heating equipment, surface heat treatment equipment maintenance, free maintenance, and parts replacement. It’s no wonder that friends who have used steel bar induction heat treatment equipment can’t help but praise them, For self sales, direct face-to-face communication. The ex factory price is the sales price, so the price is reasonable.

Does your factory need this kind of efficient and environmentally friendly induction heat treatment equipment for steel bars? This is necessary. For more details and specific prices of induction heating equipment and induction heat treatment equipment, you can call FOREVER electromechanical customer service hotline at any time to answer your questions 24 hours a day.

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