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Steel bar heat treatment processing

Forever Electromechanical is a professional manufacturer of steel bar heat treatment furnaces in China, engaged in induction heating and heat treatment for more than 10 years, with rich experience in heat treatment. Below, the editor will share with you the performance of high-quality metal heat treatment processes.

Process methods need to be optimized, and equipment performance needs to be mastered.

The correct selection of parameters for each segment should prioritize high efficiency and reliability. Heating insulation and cooling, circulation is not sloppy. The composition of the steel bar has changed and should be considered to affect the phase transformation. By calculating modulation parameters, this process is reliable and more suitable.

Differentiation of steel categories, reasonable selection is more scientific. The heating temperature of the steel rod is very important, and the insulation time should be sufficient. High alloy steel needs to be segmented and slow heating is guaranteed. Overheating and overheating are detrimental, only requiring more weighing.


steel bar heat treatment production line

The insulation time should be considered, as well as the heating conditions and state of the steel rod. The number and wall thickness of steel bars should be calculated to grasp the focus. Multiple methods can be selected for oxidation decarbonization control. Creating anaerobic conditions is crucial, and the best option is vacuum.

The parts are slender and vertical, with many thin walls to prevent deformation. Attention should be paid to sudden changes in cross-section, heating and cooling protection.

When cooling is greater than the critical value, it is essential to obtain martensite. Cooling control should be appropriate, with appropriate cooling and cracking resistance.

Ensure the hardness of the foundation and immediately temper to eliminate stress. The temperature is adjusted to the hardness, and the steel undergoes different tempering changes.

More tempering is necessary, and the size protection performance is stable. The brittleness of steel requires rapid cooling to ensure memory performance.

Hardness performance has a foundation, and quantitative relationships can be transformed. Mastering the process of science and practicing with a down-to-earth approach. Accumulate experience, summarize more, be practical, fast, and reliable.

Forever Electromechanical specializes in developing and producing heat treatment equipment for fine steel bars. If you want to learn more about Bar heat treatment equipment information, please feel free to call the Forever Electromechanical customer service hotline for consultation!

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