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Steel Bar Hardening And Tempering Production Line

The Steel bar hardening and tempering production line can be used for hardening, tempering, normalizing, tempering, diathermy, etc. of steel bars. It is especially suitable for the mechanized production of steel bar hardening and tempering. With computer control, it can realize automatic control and unmanned operation.

Advantages of steel bar hardening and tempering production line:

1. After hardening and tempering, the production cycle of steel bar hardening and tempering can be greatly shortened and the working conditions can be improved.

2. It can improve the organization level of steel bar hardening and tempering production and improve the product quality.

3. The steel bar hardening and tempering production line saves more materials than the flame heating furnace, and at the same time, the service life of the steel bar after hardening and tempering is improved.

4. Because induction heating does not produce smoke and dust, the working environment of the workshop is purified.

5. The induction heating time of steel bar hardening and tempering production line is short and the efficiency is high.

6. The parallel and series resonant intelligent control technology of the power supply of the steel bar tempering production line, and the full touch screen digital operation induction heating, tempering and heat treatment equipment are domestic induction heating technology equipment.

The round steel and steel bar hardening and tempering production line and steel bar heat treatment furnace produced by FOREVER Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has optimized the scheme with high performance and high price according to the process requirements proposed by customers. The complete production line includes medium frequency heating equipment, mechanical conveying device, infrared temperature measuring device, closed water cooling system, central console, etc.

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