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Introduction to Steel Ball Classification: It can be divided into two categories: casting and forging, while the forging production process can be divided into two categories: forging and rolling. Forging and rolling are collectively referred to as forging and rolling. Air hammers are usually forged with steel balls. steel ball hot forging production line , also known as steel ball skew rolling, is carried out on a skew rolling mill. The cross rolling forming process has a history of several decades, but it has been widely used in the production of steel grinding balls in the past decade.

The advantages of the steel ball hot rolling production line in producing steel balls:

1. The production line of hot-rolled steel balls produces a high output of rolled steel balls, especially the production efficiency of rolled steel balls, which is incomparable to cast steel balls. Forging production is twice that of casting production, while rolling production is more than a few dozen times that of casting production.

2. There are two main reasons for the high quality of rolled steel balls in the hot rolling steel ball production line: one is the rolled products, and the metal fiber is streamline; The second is grain refinement after rolling. These two points are also the reason for the high impact toughness and tensile strength of steel balls.

3. The steel ball skew rolling production line on the production line is a type of rolling steel balls with good labor conditions. If induction heating and automation are adopted, the labor conditions of the cutting production line will be greatly improved. Reduce labor intensity and improve the working environment.

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