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Precautions for using induction heating furnace for steel billets

The steel billet induction heating equipment plays an important role in industrial fields such as metal heating and heat treatment. To ensure its safe and efficient operation, operators need to understand and follow a series of precautions.

1. Check the power supply, cooling system, furnace body and heating elements to ensure that the equipment starts in optimal condition and avoid problems during startup.

2. Before starting, ensure that all switches are turned off and gradually turn on the power and cooling system.

3. During the startup process, gradually increase the temperature according to the operating procedures to avoid sharp temperature changes.

4. Turn off the operation, gradually reduce the temperature, and finally turn off the power and cooling system to avoid damage to the steel billet induction heating production line caused by sudden cooling.

5. Regularly check whether parameters such as current, voltage, and power are within the normal range.


6. Use a thermometer or temperature control instrument to monitor the temperature of the heating zone and furnace body, ensuring uniform and stable temperature.

7. Regularly check the temperature and flow rate of the cooling water to ensure the normal operation of the cooling system.

8. Operators should wear protective equipment such as insulated gloves and protective goggles.

9. Strictly follow the operation manual to avoid changing the operation steps arbitrarily.

10. Understand emergency response measures. In case of malfunction or emergency, cut off the power supply in a timely manner and notify professional technical personnel.

11. Regularly clean and inspect vulnerable parts, and add lubricating oil to components that require lubrication to ensure their normal operation.

These precautions help ensure the safe and efficient operation of the intermediate frequency

induction heating furnace for steel billet , and extend its service life. Operators should strictly follow these precautions and receive regular training and assessments to enhance their operational skills and safety awareness.

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