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Long steel billet induction heating furnace

Forever Electromechanical specializes in providing long billet induction preheating furnace. The company has gathered multiple senior technical engineers engaged in the induction heating and heat treatment industries, forming a high-tech enterprise that integrates the research and development, design, production, sales, and service of Steel billet induction heating , steel billet electric induction heating equipment, and heating equipment. It has always been operating under the ISO9002 quality management system certification, CE quality certification, and multiple invention patents. Billet electric induction heating furnaces are sold to multiple countries, and we have multiple cases. Choose a professional manufacturer of medium frequency induction heating equipment and find us!

Process parameters of steel billet induction heating furnace :

1. Brand: Forever Electromechanical

2. Equipment name: Steel billet electric induction heating furnace

3. Steel material: Q235q, Q345q, Q245R, A32, D32, A36, D36, etc

4. Billet size range: (6mm * 6mm) – (500mm * 500mm)

5. Billet length range: over 2 meters

Our company has many years of production experience in induction heat treatment production lines, with lightweight, flexible, and reasonable frame design, and strict factory debugging to ensure smooth operation and reliable performance of each set of equipment.

We also have many other furnaces, such as Forging heating furnace 、pipe induction heating equipment 、Hot rolled steel ball 、steel bar quenching and tempering furnace and so on.

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