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Long steel bar heat treatment production line features

Forever Electromechanical specializes in producing long bar induction heat treatment machines. The company adheres to the goal of customer-centric, reducing customer operating costs, improving production efficiency, and promoting common development. Forever Electromechanical long steel bar heat treatment production lines meet customer needs with advanced design concepts, correct design solutions, and customer satisfaction. For the long steel bar heat treatment production line project, Forever Electromechanical is your trusted partner!

The factory strictly follows the national standards and requirements of the electric heating equipment industry, and conducts comprehensive control and inspection from the design of induction heating equipment to the production process; Especially for electrical components, high-quality products from well-known domestic manufacturers are used to ensure the quality and service life of the long steel bar heat treatment furnace .

The long steel bar heat treatment production line adopts temperature closed-loop control. The quenching temperature is set and the intermediate frequency induction power supply power is automatically adjusted through infrared temperature measurement (the power supply power is within the adjustable range, with a higher power not exceeding the total power of the design power supply and a lower power not less than 50% of the total power of the design power supply). The long steel bar quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment achieves online monitoring function through the touch screen. Through the touch screen, the quenching temperature curve, quenching water temperature, and quenching water flow rate can be viewed in real time, and the online real-time data (saved to the touch screen) can be saved. The powerful formula management system automatically calls up relevant parameters after inputting the parameters of the stainless steel bar to be produced, without manually recording, querying, and inputting the parameter values required for various workpieces. All long steel bar heat treatment production line process records with parameters that can be stored for decades.


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