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long bar induction heat treatment machine

If you want to invest in the metal workpiece heat treatment industry, you definitely need a set of high-quality Long bar induction heat treatment furnace to help customers achieve high-quality metal workpiece processing.

There are many enterprises in China that produce and manufacture induction heat treatment equipment such as steel bar heat treatment equipment and bar material quenching and tempering heat treatment production lines. Forever Electromechanical, located in Wuqiao Economic Development Zone, Hebei, is one of them.

Forever Electromechanical was established in 1999 and has been focusing on the research and development, production, manufacturing, and after-sales service of metal workpiece heat treatment equipment since its establishment. Due to its focus, it is professional. With 20 years of focus, it has achieved more than 4000 sets of practical cases today.


Forever Electromechanical provides customized design and production based on the actual production needs of users. It customizes and matches reasonable medium frequency induction heat treatment solutions for customers according to their workpiece size, process needs, production capacity needs, production time, site planning and configuration, etc., which can meet users’ different usage effects in various occasions.

The bar induction heat treatment furnace adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction heating, matched with IGBT induction heating power supply, PLC intelligent control system, and automatic loading and unloading mechanism, achieving fully intelligent automated mechanical production. Moreover, the comprehensive practical effect has obvious effects in energy conservation, environmental protection, stability, and efficiency.

As a professional manufacturer of Steel bar heat treatment equipment , we not only provide customized solutions for heat treatment equipment, but also provide high-quality induction heat treatment equipment and a comprehensive after-sales service system to ensure the stable production of medium frequency induction quenching and tempering heat treatment production lines for users, improve their market competitiveness, and reduce their production costs, achieving higher efficiency production. Therefore, it is better to find a professional and reliable investment in induction heat treatment equipment such as steel bar heat treatment equipment.

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