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Heating furnace for hot rolled slab

With the implementation of one belt, one road initiative, the demand for Induction heating equipment has shifted from the low to the high quality. At present, China’s hot-rolled slab reheating furnace equipment and its spare parts have been relying on imports, while foreign countries have imposed technical blockade on China, resulting in huge investment in production line, which seriously restricts the development of slab and extra large section steel in China.

Since 2012, YUANTUO electric and Mechanical Co., Ltd. began to develop the Hot rolling plate. On the basis of learning foreign advanced technologies, it learned about the status of existing equipment, existing problems and improvement needs from domestic experts working on the hot-rolled slab heating furnace, and formulated a feasible research and development plan. In order to provide a test site for continuous research and development of hot-rolled slab reheating furnace, YUANTUO electromechanical cleaning spare warehouse allows users to intuitively understand the technical performance of induction heating on the hot-rolled slab heating furnace, and can also conduct process test online to explore the maturity of the process, so as to greatly reduce the investment risk of users. The Hot rolling slab has the following advantages:

1. Because the principle of Medium frequency heating is electromagnetic induction, the heat is generated by the plate itself. This heating method has the advantages of high heating speed, less oxide layer, high heating efficiency and good process repeatability.

2.Induction heating furnace with high degree of automation can realize automatic unmanned operation and improve labor productivity.

3. The plate area is heated evenly, the temperature control precision is high, and the temperature difference of slab heating core surface is small. The temperature can be accurately controlled and detected by infrared thermometer to ensure the repeated accuracy of hot-rolled slab heating furnace.

4. The replacement of induction furnace body is simple and fast. According to the different specifications of the workpiece, different specifications of induction furnace body should be equipped.

5. The whole machine is equipped with water temperature, water pressure, phase loss, over-voltage, over-current, start-up over-current, constant current and buffer start-up, so that the equipment start-up rate is high, the reliable operation of induction heating equipment is protected, and the whole production process is stable.

6. Compared with the old type coal furnace, the energy consumption is greatly reduced, the labor productivity is high, pollution-free, and the induction heating equipment meets the requirements of environmental protection.


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