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Hot rolling slab

Hot rolling slab


Application: Rolling, Forging

Heating: Rod, bars, round bar, slab,plate

Length Allow:Not limited

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Hot rolling slab with induction heating furnace

Forever is professional manufacturer of slab induction heating furnace used for slab heating before rolling. After setting the slab heating parameters in PLC console, the system will automatically feed, transport and heat slab.

More than 12 years of induction heating experience makes our induction heating equipment reliable, safe, high efficient & energy saving !

induction slab heating


No Equipment name Quantity
1. MF solid state power supply 1 set
2. Induction heater 1 set
3. The roller table conveyor 1 set
4. Material storage platform and material turning mechanism 1 set
5. Job Hydraulic Pushing mechanics 1 set
6. Remote console 1 set
7. Non contact type Infra Red Pyrometer 1 set
8. Hot bar fast extractor mechanics. 1 set
9. Water cooling system 1 set

Hot rolling slab induction furnace advantages

●     Heating fast and uniform

●     100% successful starting.Reliable frequent starting is available

●     Easy installation & commission and simple operation. 

●     Safe and reliable.Perfect protections for long life performance and very safe for operators. Automatic protections for water temperature,water pressure,phase shortage, overcurrent and undervoltage.

●     High reliability:Adopt famous brand components which reduce fault rate and make sure the equipment can run reliably.

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