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Composition of steel bar quenching and tempering equipment

Composition of steel bar induction quenching and tempering furnace :

The complete set of steel bar quenching and tempering equipment mainly consists of: intermediate frequency heating equipment, spray cooling part, quenching feeding part, mechanical support conveying part, tempering unloading part, intermediate frequency equipment closed cooling system, infrared temperature measurement system, computer control system, etc

The steel bar quenching and tempering equipment is mainly used for carbon steel alloy steel with a diameter of 20-120mm and unlimited length. The equipment power supply requires 80-8000 kilowatts. Quality standards for steel quenching and tempering equipment: After being processed by steel rod induction quenching equipment, the yield strength, tensile strength, hardness, elongation, and impact performance of the workpiece can all meet the standards

How much does it cost to customize a set of Steel bar induction hardening and tempering furnace ? Nowadays, the induction heat treatment equipment industry has not developed to the level of technology sharing. Equipment produced by different manufacturers have significant differences in quality, performance, heating technology, quenching technology, tempering technology, and manufacturing process, so there are also certain differences in equipment structure.


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