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Sucker rod heat treating equipment

Sucker rod heat treating equipment


Application sucker rod hardening ,tempering, annealing, heating
Power 100 KW-10000 KW
Non standard
Professional Customization

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Product NameSucker rod heat treating equipment

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Forever sucker rod heat treating equipment features reliable performance, German Siemens control system and superior after-sales service.As a real factory of sucker rod heat treating equipment, we will give you the lowest factory price but highest quality.

Main features of sucker rod heat treating equipment

● Digital technology to achieve automatic frequency tracking.

● Modular design, simple installation, easy operation, no debugging.

● IGBT solid state inverter technology;high efficiency and high output power.

● Perfect protection function;high reliability and easy maintenance.

● 100% successful staring and 24 continuous working.

● Resonant frequency conversion technology makes efficiency reach to 95% or above.

● Equipped with quick change type furnace,it’s easy and convenient for replacement.

After sales service

● ”1+2 “Service mode: Once you buy our induction heat treating equipment, we will arrange one sales person and one after-sales person to track the equipment quality.

● Free on-site installation and commissioning. Responsible for technical training for operation and maintenance local personal.

● Provide a full set of technical data including a circuit diagram when delivery the equipment.

● Promise to give response within 24 hours since receiving customer’s email or call. 

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Forever main products: sucker rod hardening machine, drill collar hardening and tempering system, oil casing heat treating equipment, induction heating furnace, IF induction furnace and so on.More details, please refer to our website 

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