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Stainless steel heat treatment equipment

Stainless steel heat treatment equipment


Application stainless steel hardening, tempering, annealing, heating, bright annealing
Power 100 KW-10000 KW
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Product NameStainless steel heat treatment equipment

Application: Stainless steel solid solution, quenching and tempering

Purpose:Improve the stainless steel properties to meet different application requirement

Power required: 100-8000KW

High automation for the stainless steel heat treatment equipment

1.High reliability
Using reliable intermediate frequency induction design circuit principle, thus ensuring extreme high reliability and high starting procedure.

2. The whole set of stainless steel heat treatment equipment adopts PLC automatic control program.
Automatic and continuous system monitoring stainless steel heat treatment equipment to ensure safe and reliable quenching process.

3.Low noise
Steel structure design and installation fully consider reduction of vibration and greatly reduce the noise level; the front baffle and dust cover also take full account of the silencing effect.

4. Induction heating equipment installation, operation and maintenance is simple to operate.

Stainless steel heat treatment equipment main features

● German Siemens IGBT components and unique inverter technology.

● Adjustable for heating time, heating temperature, heating power and cooling time.

● Light weight;small size and easy installment.

● The heating efficiency can be  up to 90% above. Almost no electricity consumption in standby mode and 24 hours continuous work.

● The inductors can be easily replaced;fast heating reduced the oxidation deformation of the work piece.

Forever has large workshop and professional production equipment and technicians.

If you need any spare parts during using our equipment, we can offer you at any time.

If you need water cooling system,we can also supply for you.

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