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Steel tube hot rolling heating furnace

Steel tube hot rolling heating furnace


Application: Rolling, Forging

Heating: rebar,round bar, tube, deformed bars

Diameter Allow: Φ20-300mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Steel tube hot rolling heating furnace

Forever has developed solid state induction technology along with innovative inductor designs enabling mills to dramatically improve processes such as tube and slab rolling, and strip processing.
Forever has manufactured tubes heaters for a variety of applications in steel tube hot rolling including direct in-line heating.

steel tube heating for rolling

Steel tube hot rolling heating furnace features:

1. Steel tube hot rolling heating furnace has strong linearity and good working environment, easy to realize mechanization and automatic production line production;

2. Fast heating, less oxidative decarbonization, high efficiency, and good process repeatability.

3. The process meets the environmental protection requirements, and the pollution is small. At the same time, it also reduces the labor intensity of the workers and can replace some old resistance furnace heating and coal heating.

4.Uniform heating, high temperature control accuracy to ensure that the temperature difference is small;

5.Induction heater can be freely removable, easy to replace. The faster heating speed greatly reduces the oxidative deformation of the workpiece.

Description for steel pipe heat treatment furnace

●   Solid State Medium Frequency Induction Heating Power Supply: low distortion, high efficiency, tin copper bar, water pipe is made of stainless steel,Highly reliable and efficient voltage source inverter.
●   Distilled water closed circulation system:For power supply and its Component & Coil Cooling.With this machine,you do not need heat exchanger. & Water reservoir tank.This is reliable ,power saving and convenient.
●   Operator Control Box: It is positioned near to the operating area,PLC control,Temp.closed-loop control,you can adjust and control heating temperature easily.
●   Our equipment does not need connection cable. Copper cable has been connected in the cabinet.This is more power saving and convenient.
●   Capacitor included:Enclosed, stainless steel water pipe.
●   Infra Red Pyrometer:Non contact type Infra Red Pyrometer can measure temperature of billet at the exit side.






IF induction heating power Supply

1 set


Capacitor Cabinet

1 set


Induction heater

1 set


Roller table

1 set


Storage platform

1 set


Feeding rack including transmission roller

1 set


Infrared thermometer

1 set


Remote console

1 set


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