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Forging heat treatment furnace

Forging heat treatment furnace


Application           Steel strip / bar / billet / wire heating for forging 
Power     100 KW-8000 KW
Non standard    Professional customization
Temp.control    Infrared thermometer

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Product NameForging heat treatment furnace

Typical application:

Forever GTR series forging heat treatment furnace can be made according to the shape and size of the work piece. Forging heat treatment furnace is used for heating of bars, round bars and square steel; slab diathermy and warming-up;billet inline heating, partial heating; metal material heating before forging, extrusion, hot rolling and shearing. 

Forging heat treatment

Forging heat treatment furnace selection

● Heating temperature: ≤1250℃

● Heating length : Various length is OK

● Diameter(mm) : 10-20      20-50      50-80      80-150      ≥150

● Production capacity: As per user’s individual requirements

● Power(KW) : As per user’s production capacity.

 Forging heat treatment furnace advantages

●  Rapid heating up, high heating efficiency, uniform heating.

●  Precise temperature control over the complete length of the bar/billet.

● Simple furnace segment replacement: The furnace is quick change type,the user can easily replace the furnace segment to meet different  size of work piece heating.

● Powerful recipe management system–after selecting steel grade,slab parameters, this system can automatically call the relevant parameters, no need to manually record, check, input required parameters for various work piece.

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