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Drill collar quenching and tempering furnace

Drill collar quenching and tempering furnace


Application: Quenching & Tempering

Material Heated:45#,40Cr,42CrMo,65Mn

Heating way: Induction heating

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Drill collar quenching tempering line

●  Product name:

Drill collar quenching and tempering furnace, Drill collar induction heat treating line

●  Bar diameter : Not limited
●  Application: Used for heat treatment for drill collar, drill pipe, oil pipe, casing, tubing, steel pipe etc.

drill collar quenching tempering line

Drill collars are typically solid round bars of 4145 carbon steel. The bars are then quenched and tempered in a heat treatment process to attain the required metallic properties and hardness for drilling. Once heat treatment is complete, a hole is machined through the bar in a coring/honing process known as trepanning. After the trepanning is complete, the ends are threaded which makes the connections. The end result is a drill collar. Temperature regulation is critical to achieve the correct heat treat properties. We have a unique PID control loop handshake that passes off the temperature regulation from one sensor to another within a coil to maintain temperatures of +/- 5 degree C.

Normal configuration

●  Mediate frequency solid power supply
●  Capacitor 
●  Induction heating coils
●  Feeding and discharging transmission device 
●  Spray cooling device
●  Temperature measuring equipment

Full automatic control: the system need to add PLC programmable controller, man-machine interface or industrial control computer system and industrial control configuration software and various sensors, etc.

Application for other types of workpiece

● Stainless steel pipe       ● Plate, steel plate
● Steel bar,round bars                          ● Grinding rods,grinding bars
● Sucker rod, piston rod              ● Seamless pipe,thick-walled pipe
● Casing, tubing                      ● Single prop
● Automotive Leaf Springs                             ● Wind power bolt
● Long bars & short bars                   ● Steel wire, steel strand


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