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Steel ball manufacturing

Steel ball manufacturing


Manufacturing Process: Rolling, Forging

Material: Steel round bar

Steel Ball Diameter: Φ20-150mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Product name: Steel ball manufacturing line

Production process: Skew rolling 

Advantages: High efficiency, good quality

Our steel ball making equipment is divided into two types: Steel ball hot rolling equipment and steel ball forging equipment. Especially hot rolling is a new breakthrough technology in steel ball making industry, which can improve steel ball productivity greatly.

Steel ball hot rolling equipment: Bar heating–skew rolling mill–quenching–tempering–Cooling–packing

automatic 125 mm steel ball hot rolling

Steel ball forging equipment:Bar heating–forge forming-quenching–tempering–Cooling–packing

steel ball forging machine

Main parts for Steel ball manufacturing line

1. Storage rack and automatic transmission device.

2. Induction heating furnace and temperature control device

3. Skew rolling mill or forge machine

4. Hoisting, conveying and cooling device of steel ball

5. Isothermal quenching device

6. Car-type or on-line mesh-belt tempering furnace

7. Automatic control system for quenching temperature, water temperature discharging after quenching & tempering temperature

PLC control console

The user can set heating temperature, quenching temperature, water temperature on PLC touch screen to make sure the quenching temperature and water temperature stable, thus ensuring steel ball stable hardness and improve steel ball quality.

The control system will real time monitor the automatically adjust the heat treatment temperature. At the same time, the system can record, save, inquiry and print the production parameters including heating temperature, production capacity and power supply running parameters etc. According to technical requirements, the system will automatically record and analysis the parameters changes and predict fault and alarm.

The electrical control mainly finish the process control and adjustment of the whole production line so as to ensure that the whole production line can be carried out correctly and accurately according to the production and the technological requirements. Every action has modes of adjustment, manual and automatic. 

Customer service

1.12 months quality guarantee period

2.We can send professional engineer to help you to install and debug steel ball manufacturing line.

3.Spare pars list will be sent with the equipment.

4.Reply within 24 hours if customer has any questions.

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