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Round bar forging

Round bar forging


Application: Forging & Forging

Material Heated:Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel

Diameter Allow: Φ20-300mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Round bar forging

Forever round bar forging machine is widely applied in steel rod, bar and billet heating for forging purpose.The coils could be customized to work piece size.

Round bar forging machine can offer high efficiency and energy saving especially for the forging industry where the induction heater is used to pre-heat metals to between 1100 and 1200 degrees C (2010- 2190F).

This increases their malleability and also aids flow in the forging die. Precise control of the heating temperature can also improve the result of heat treatment after forging.

Our round bar forging machine has pre-stressed structures, high strength, long life and easy maintenance.

round bar forging furnace


● Temperature ability: The whole billet heated to 1100 ℃;
● The mean temperature ability: through the induction heating furnace, ensure the temperature of the billet heating uniformity is better than before the state of nature;
●  Intermediate frequency power supply
A) according to the technical index, increased within 1 minute from 800 ℃ to 1100 ℃, the heating power required to take the whole of 5700 kw.
B) the power consumption theoretical calculation of tons of billet is 38 kw/h(such as heating, 200 degrees Celsius, tons of billet power consumption is 25 kw/h)
●  All the running parameters can be recorded, inquiry and printed
● Induction heating coils can be design and made as per work piece size. The coil adopts high purity copper pipe with special coating material inside and outside coil wall, and the fire resistance temperature can be 1800℃,so the induction heater service life has been extended greatly, reducing the repair cost in future.

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Our round bar induction heating equipment for forging industry is all customized designed as per customer’s requirement. So please send us email for more detailed price & solutions.

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