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Pipeline induction heating system

Pipeline induction heating system


Application          Pipeline induction heating, hardening, annealing
Power  100 KW-8000 KW
Non standard Professional customization

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Product Name: Pipeline induction heating system

Typical Application: 

Forever pipeline induction heating system is used for pipeline induction heating, induction bending, induction annealing, induction hardening and so on. As the professional and experienced manufacturer & exporter, Forever will provide  you complete pipeline induction heating system and suitable induction heating system solutions.

Pipeline induction heating system configuration:

The system working process:

The user only need to put the steel pipe in the storage rack, then start the power supply, driving and transmission system, then the induction heating system will run automatically as per the setting heating temperature and production efficiency.

All the running parameters can be recorded, inquiry and printed.

For different sizes of steel pipes,the user can replace the corresponding inductors( the inductors are quick change structure, user can finish replacement within 15 minutes).

Equipment brief introduction:

● The IF power supply control circuit is our unique patented technology(DSP control),the frequency is available for the range of 200-8000 HZ to be suitable for steel pipe large range heating of Ø25Ø350mm , which has high reliability.This is domestic unique design in China.

● Induction heater: The induction coil adopts high purity copper pipe with special coating material inside and outside coil wall, and the fire resistance temperature can be 1800℃,so the induction heater service life has been extended greatly, reducing the repair cost in future.

● There is infrared thermometer at the furnace discharge port, which can form closed-loop control with the power supply and reach the purpose of control the heating temperature and time.

● The language in the induction heating system can be designed as your local language so that your operator can use it very easily.

● Once you buy our induction heat treating equipment for pipeline, we will responsible for installing, debugging and operator training work.

● The quality warranty is one year.And we provide technical support and spare parts service.

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