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Inductive Heating Equipment

Inductive Heating Equipment


Application: Forging , Rolling & Quenching

Material: Carbon steel, Brass,Iron,Alloy steel,Stainless steel,Aluminum

Diameter Allow: Φ20-300mm

Length Allow:Not limited

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Inductive Heating Equipment

Forever inductive heating equipment is used in the process of forging, quenching and tempering, annealing, welding, bending, coating etc.The material can be steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, titanium. So far, our inductive heating equipment has already used in the following workpiece.

● Solid bars: Steel bar, aluminum bar, copper bar, silver bar, magnesium alloy bar, titanium alloy bar
● Pipe: Seamless pipe, welded pipe, round pipe, square pipe
● Billet: Large billet, square billet

inductive heating equipment supplier

Customer can get the advantages & flexibility in one company

A single point of contact gives customers global expertise on a variety of thermal processing applications,including:

 Hardening, tempering and annealing

 Billet and bar forging and warm forming

 Stress relieving and pre-heating

 Strip and slab heating

 Copper tube annealing

Main configuration for Forever inductive heating equipment

 Solid state induction heating power supply

 Induction heating coils 

 Optional remote control

● Optional automatic feeder and discharging device

Optional infrared thermometer


    Bar Diameter Bar Length Heating Temp. Production capacity
    Φ36-45mm 1500mm 1125°C ± 25 3T/H
    Ø60mm 6000mm 1200℃ 4.4T/H
    Ø70mm 6000mm 1200℃ 5.3T/H
    Ø80mm 6000mm 1200℃ 6T/H
    Billet size Billet length Heating Temp. Production capacity
    60*60mm2 3m-4 m 1000℃-1100℃ 25T/H
    75*75mm2 3-6 m Room Temp.-1100℃ 25T/H
    100*100mm2 2 m 750℃-1000℃ 7T/H
    120*120mm2   750℃-1100℃ 30T/H
    120*120mm2 11.5-12.5m 950℃-1150℃ 90T/H
    125*125mm2 6  m Room Temp.-1200℃ 8T/H
    125*125mm2 2 m 750℃-1000℃ 7T/H
    130*130mm2 6 m 950℃-1150℃ 50T/H
    135*135mm2 6 m 950℃-1150℃ 100T/H
    150*150mm2 11.5-12.5m 950℃-1150℃ 70T/H

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    As our induction heater is all customized, the above parameters are only for your reference.


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