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Where are the advantages of steel bar conditioning equipment?

Hebei FOREVER is a professional manufacturer of R & D and production of automatic induction heating and heat treatment equipment, which provides customers with automatic heating solutions and induction heating equipment based on all-digital induction heating technology, which involves wind power, automobile, and so on. Oil, railway transportation, mining and other industries and fields

Round bar hardening and tempering furnace is widely used in induction heating equipment for surface heat treatment. It can be used for quenching, tempering, normalizing, quenching, heat permeability and so on.

For mechanized mass production is more cost-effective, users can be controlled by the computer to achieve unmanned operation

1, what are the advantages of bar conditioning and treatment equipment? 1. Shortening the production cycle, improving working conditions.

2, raising the level of production organization and improving the quality of products.

3. The induction heating equipment can save more than 2% of the

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