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What is the on-line induction billet heater for increasing the billet temperature? Look at user feedback.

What is the on-line induction billet heater for increasing the billet temperature? Look at user feedback.

Forever has been busy on the heating site for the development of green induction billet heater, which is very popular with customers! So what are the unique advantages of online induction billet heater under the environmental storm?

Green environmental advantages of induction billet heater

In order to make the induction billet heater have better environmental protection effect, Forever adopts rigorous mode in structure design and auxiliary configuration as follows:

1. Use of electromagnetic induction heating system to reduce a large number of energy consumption in the production process: In the structural design, the use of green, environmental friendly IGBT medium-frequency power, greatly reducing the power consumption, reducing the use of energy and waste.

2. Safe and non-emission of the whole line: Induction billet heater adopts international electromagnetic heating technology principle, improves its own technological process, there will be no harmful substances such as dust and exhaust gas in the production process, and reduces the damage to the surrounding environment.

3. Optimize the feeding system and solve the pollution from the root: In order to better environmental protection effect, Forever has optimized and improved the feeding system of induction billet heater, not only the layout is more reasonable, the material is treated more fully, but also the dust generation is solved from the root, making it a real green equipment.

4. Equipped with professional dedusting equipment and noise reduction device: As a professional green induction heating equipment, induction billet heater is equipped with advanced dedusting equipment and noise reduction device, which can effectively control the noise in production and make the environmental protection effect better.

Billet induction heating furnace investment feedback

A customer in Vietnam bought a set of billet induction heating furnace for production. According to the customer, the steel billet heating furnace he purchased has been running steadily since it was put into operation with high efficiency and large output. It also reflects that the energy consumption of the equipment is especially low, which many manufacturers in China can not do, and the failure rate is low. It saves us a lot of operating and maintenance costs.

Billet produced by our furnace are of good quality and reasonable grading, and the market reaction is very good, which brings them good economic benefits. In addition, Vietnamese customers are more satisfied with the environmental protection effect of the medium frequency diathermy furnace and are interested to buy another steel billet heating furnace from us.



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