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What equipment can be used for steel plate heat treatment ? How much is it?

What equipment can be used for steel plate heat treatment ? How much is it?

If you need to do quenching heat treatment process, Forever recommend to try our plate induction quenching furnace to achieve homogeneous quenching and improve the steel plate mechanical properties, hardness and toughness to make it meet the application standard. Then how much is the price of plate induction quenching furnace ?

How much is a set of plate induction quenching furnace, standing in the buyer’s position, we understand you need to compare the various supplier’s proposal and then choose a better and reliable manufacturers. It is very important for users to choose a steel plate continuous quenching and tempering furnace manufacturer with good performance-price ratio. Here I will introduce Forever induction heating equipment to you. Our induction heating equipment has widely been used for heat treatment in solid bar,s pipes, plate and other workpieces. Whether it is steel plate or steel bar on-line induction heating and quenching, it’s really not simple induction heating, it includes electromagnetic induction heating theory, as well as deep heat treatment theory and rich practice, covering materials, electromagnetism, heat treatment, fluid science and intelligent control and other interdisciplinary systems engineering.

Steel plate induction quenching furnace is a set of fully automatic intelligent electromagnetic induction heating equipment, using advanced temperature measuring device, air-cooled energy-saving medium frequency induction heating power supply and human-machine interface PLC closed-loop control system. Steel plate induction quenching furnace has high heating efficiency, uniform and stable temperature, steel plate induction heat treatment furnace adopts split structure design, simple structure according to the users need to configure different production proposals. The induction plate heating furnace is economical and practical after processing workpiece hardness, strength, toughness can meet user standards.

Forever has been established for 20 years and has many senior induction heating engineers, professional manufacturing team, years of rich experience and practice, perfect after-sales service system. The company has obtained many national patents and has independent intellectual property rights. 


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