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What do you know about the heating coil of the induction furnace?

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The understanding of the heating coil of the induction heating furnace:

1. Split-type coils are often applied to areas where it is difficult to provide a sufficiently high power density in which the coupling of the sensor to the workpiece is not very tight and the insert cannot be applied. A typical example is the journal and shoulder quenching of the crankshaft. In this case, a split coil is used for induction hardening of the workpiece.

2. The hinge of the split inductor of the induction diathermy furnace and the fixing part of the coil must have good face and connection. A special alloy is typically covered on such a surface to provide a good surface connection.

3. In order to ensure the safety of the induction heating equipment during heating, both must be clamped. High power and strong current often flow through this interface because of that loss and arc discharge, the vitality of the coupling part is usually very limited.

4. The cooling of the split inductor coil is transmitted through the hose around the hinge. In order to make excessive heat not moving back and forth, a separate pipe is used for the quenching liquid. During heating, the inner surface of the quenching coil is very close to the workpiece, so that a large current is transmitted and, accordingly, it must be thick enough to prevent melting or deformation during heating

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