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Three principles of High Power Induction heating equipment

High power induction heating equipment has three principles: heat conduction, skin effect and electromagnetic induction. If the working principle of high power induction heat treatment equipment is simulated by using single turn short circuit secondary coil, the transformer of multi turn primary coil and single turn short circuit secondary coil is equivalent to the workpiece and inductor of high power induction heating equipment. The current generated by the electrification of the equipment is the opposite of the current through which the high-speed current is a vortex.

The high-frequency induction heating equipment has four effects, namely:.

1. Circulating current effect, when high frequency current passes through the conductor, the maximum current density is concentrated inside the conductor. . .

2. Proximity effect, when high frequency current passes through the two adjacent conductors, if the current direction is the same, the current flows through the outside of the conductor, or else from the inside.

3. Surface effect, the distribution of alternating current in conductor cross section is not uniform. . . IV. The sharp angle effect, if the induction coil is the same as the clearance of the workpiece, the sharp corner of the workpiece may be over-burned.

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