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Induction heat treatment equipment

Induction heat treatment equipment


Application Heat treatment for steel bar, steel pipe, steel billet, shaft, oil pipeline
Power 100 KW-10000 KW
Non standard
Professional Customization

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Product NameInduction heat treatment equipment 

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Forever is the leading producer of induction heat treatment equipment in China.Our main products: induction heating furnace, IF induction furnace, induction hardening furnace, induction tempering furnace, induction heating system.

Induction heat treatment equipment characteristics

● The steel diameter can be up to 7.000 inch(177.80 mm), improving the production capacity of the plant.

●.For different sizes of bars or pipes, the user can replace the corresponding inductors( the inductors are quick change structure, user can finish replacement within 15 minutes

● Customized design and production according to customer’s requirement.

● Precious, fast and uniform heating can realize output maximization and  quenching optimization.

● The induction coil adopts high purity copper pipe with special coating material inside and outside coil wall, and the fire resistance temperature can be 1800℃,so the induction heater service life has been extended greatly, reducing the repair cost in future.

● Based on the higher rotation speed and optimized quenching mode, the outer diameter deformation of the steel can be reduced greatly.

Induction heat treatment equipment usage

● Diathermy for bar, round steel bar, square bar and steel slab;

● Online heating and local heating;

● Surface hardening for steel pipe, shaft,axle and gear;

● Metal heating before forging, hot rolling, extrusion, hot shear;

● Metal material hardening and tempering, annealing, tempering and so on.

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