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The heat treatment furnace of steel bars represents the new era of heat treatment.

The heat treatment furnace of steel bars represents the new era of heat treatment.

China’s economy and society are now in a thriving situation. After modernization and reform and opening up, China’s economic system has undergone great changes. The field of heat treatment is also developing towards more intelligent and high technology. Steel bar quenching furnace is the product of modern science and technology. With the rapid development of industry and people’s awareness of environmental protection, steel bar quenching furnace has gradually become the main equipment in the field of modern industrial heating.

The intelligent operation of the induction heat treatment furnace for steel bars in Forever is simpler and more convenient. Intelligence is now common in our lives. Intelligence provides us with a more comfortable life and a more comfortable environment. The field of induction heating also needs the development of intellectualization. With the development of intellectualization of steel bar quenching furnace, the production efficiency of the workpiece is faster, the heating speed is faster, the production quality of the workpiece is more stable and the performance is more reliable. Automatic production saves more labor and saves labor costs. For heat treatment enterprises, the use of induction steel bar quenching furnace is a matter of killing two birds with one stone. At the same time, intelligent production can also enhance the corporate image of the company.

Forever has been used in a wide range of fields, including machinery, railway, hardware, automobile, petroleum, military, aerospace, wind power, gears, bearings and other industrial heat treatment fields.Customized production of equipment can meet the actual production needs of users more. Steel bar quenching furnace is a green energy equipment, both energy-saving, and environmental protection, to meet the development of modern environmental protection industry and in line with national environmental standards. With the development of the new era, the steel bar quenching furnace will bring more production value to users.

Forever steel bar induction heating furnace is always concerned with the production interests of users. Only by safeguarding the interests of users can we go further along the road of induction heating. On this basis, we can continuously promote the development of higher quality of steel bar quenching furnace, and we can better serve the users and seek more survival value for the society as well as ourselves. I believe that in the future, the induction heating equipment for steel bar and rod will become the leading heating equipment in the field of heat treatment.



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