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steel plate induction hot rolling equipment

The steel plate induction hot rolling equipment  is professionally produced and manufactured by Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Forever Electromechanical has been committed to the reliability and energy-saving research of steel rolling heating furnace equipment, and the manufacturing of high-power equipment is on the rise. In recent years, the factory has achieved PLC automatic control of high-power steel plate hot rolling equipment, saving labor costs and improving work efficiency, We have provided multiple sets of forging heating equipment and heat treatment equipment for hundreds of domestic and foreign forging factories and heat treatment enterprises.

The steel plate hot rolling furnace is manufactured by Forever Electromechanical Factory. This production line mainly consists of a medium frequency power supply, heating sensors, automatic feeding devices, silver pressing rapid discharge devices, infrared temperature measurement devices, and a central control console. By matching different comforters, the steel plate can be heated, and the heating temperature and radial and axial temperature differences meet the process requirements. It can also achieve insulation and material waiting, and automatically record the temperature of each steel plate.

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