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Steel plate heat treatment production line

The steel plate induction heat treatment production line is professionally produced by Forever Electromechanical Factory. Forever Electromechanical has many years of experience in the field of induction heating, rich practical production experience, and numerous successful cases. The heat treatment equipment for steel thick plates includes induction heating furnace, feeding roller conveyor (centering and measuring device), hardening machine, discharging roller conveyor, hardening cooling water supply system, hydraulic system, and lubrication system.

steel pipe induction heat treatment furnace is a metal heat treatment equipment professionally produced by Forever Electromechanical Factory. Most of the heat treated parts work under relatively large dynamic loads, and they bear the effects of tension, compression, bending, torsion or shear. Some surfaces also have friction, requiring certain wear resistance, and so on.

The purpose of steel plate treatment is to improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of the material

1. The heating temperature can be controlled by a portable infrared thermometer;

2. The surface hardening layer can be adjusted as needed and is easy to control,

3. Low power consumption, 30% energy-saving compared to traditional electronic tube high-frequency equipment;

4. The workpiece processed by the production line has good plasticity and toughness;

5. The steel plate heat treatment equipment uses an oxygen acetylene flame to heat the parts, which can also achieve the purpose of heat treatment. This heat treatment process is simple and practical;

6. The heat treatment process is simple, practical, low in technical content, and easy to operate.

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