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What is the price of steel pipe heat treatment furnace?

This is the problem that every user is concerned about. The automatic heat treatment production line of steel pipe is an induction heating machine for heat treatment of metal workpieces. The specific price can be free to consult the professional engineer of FOREVER mechanical and electrical engineering.


Advantages and characteristics of Induction heat treatment furnace for steel pipe:

1. Using new IGBT air-cooled induction heating power control, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, high production efficiency.

2. In the transmission design of the steel tube heat treatment furnace designed by FOREVER, V-shaped rollers arranged obliquely are used to reduce the small diameter run out.

3. High heating speed, less surface oxidation, quenching process in rotary heating process, good straightness and no bending of steel after heat treatment.

4. After heat treatment, the workpiece has high consistency of hardness, uniformity of microstructure, high toughness and impact strength.

5. The PLC touch screen control system can record and save all the process parameters of induction hardening, which is convenient for you to view the historical records in the future.

6. Reasonable design: full function, small fuselage, less land occupation, strong ability to adapt to the workplace;


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