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Steel billet induction heating furnace

steel billet induction heating furnace has successfully walked out of the road of independent innovation.

From the successful development of the first domestic steel billet induction heating furnace production line to the current existence of several billet induction heating furnace manufacturing enterprises, the equipment produced by FOREVER Electromechanical Institute has occupied a pivotal position. The reason why it has won the reputation of being the leader in domestic billet induction heating furnace machinery lies not only in its leading product technology, but also in the fact that the billet induction heating furnace has successfully walked out of a path of independent innovation.


Since its establishment, Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of induction heating complete sets of equipment with comprehensive functions such as production and sales, scientific research and development, and technical services. The Induction Heating Equipment designed by us has absorbed the advanced technology of German SMS company, and taken advantage of the world’s leading induction heating technology represented by Italian SAET, Norwegian EFD, and Japanese MES companies. We have many other furnaces, such as Forging heating furnace 、pipe induction heating equipment 、Hot rolled steel ball 、steel bar quenching and tempering furnace and so on.

The steel billet induction heating furnace adopts a fully automatic production line operation, without manual intervention, and is fully automatic production, which can maximize the stability of equipment quality. The production process of this production line is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient. The billet induction heating furnace produced has a precise size, rounded geometric shape, high hardness, good mechanical properties, and features high impact toughness and strong crushing resistance.

The Induction heating furnace for steel billets focuses on management, quality, service, precision manufacturing, and creating first-class high-quality projects. Everyone has set a goal in their hearts, that is, to solve and digest the problems that customers need and that we can think of for them, and create a production line that customers are satisfied with.

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