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Steel bar quenching and tempering furnace – Forever

steel bar induction heating furnace suppliers have been engaged in the research and development the production of induction heating equipment for more than ten years. In order to provide customers with continuous innovation technology and perfect service, they have won the induction heat treatment market with a set of big guys in order to provide customers with continuous innovation technology and perfect service. FOREVER has been insisting for more than ten years that only strong technical strength is enough to move forward in the ups and downs. “galloping” heat treatment market for more than ten years, FOREVER electromechanical in the market more and more brave, in more and more people “talk about” heat treatment equipment manufacturing technology lack of independent innovation ability, FOREVER electromechanical in advanced production facilities, continue to keep pace with the times to develop steel bar conditioning treatment furnace in line with the market. However, FOREVER Mechanical and Electrical Machinery has proved the extraordinary charm of “made in China” with practical action.

The steel bar quenching and tempering furnace is controlled by a secondary computer network, and the on-site technology and the PLC technology are realized, the visual human-machine interface technology is integrated with the production management technology, the Siemens S7-300 PLC and the color touch screen are adopted to form the self-control core of the whole line, The invention has the characteristics of fast and automatic production of the modern factory, greatly promotes the production and improves the product yield and the quality.

As far as the development of the development of induction heating in China has been growing up to now, it is specialized in high-efficiency induction heating system solution. With respect to the specific steel bar induction and tempering treatment process, we can consult the technical and technical personnel of the far end, and we can meet the process requirements of the work piece. Provide a complete solution.

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Post time: 10-07-2022