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steel bar induction heating equipment

The steel bar induction heating equipment continuously heats the round steel containing certain wear-resistant materials through the medium frequency induction heating furnace. The heated round steel enters the roll mill and directly rolls the required steel ball. This new process, new equipment, new materials and new technology steel bar induction heating equipment has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, and has been widely popularized and applied in the steel ball manufacturing industry.

The steel bar induction heating equipment is characterized by:

1. Steel ball induction heating equipment the steel ball heated and rolled has accurate size, round geometry, high hardness and good mechanical properties, and has excellent quality of wear resistance, no deformation and no cracking.

2. Low crushing rate: the anti stripping and anti crushing performance is more than 10 times that of general cast and forged steel balls, the number of ball drop impacts is more than 20000 times, and the actual crushing rate is not more than 1%, which is close to no crushing.

3. When the steel ball heating furnace is used for heating before hot forming, due to the fast heating speed and short heating time, the burning loss rate of oxide skin produced by the blank is very small.

Steel ball production methods generally include forging, grinding steel ball, forging steel ball and casting steel ball. According to the processing materials, it is divided into bearing steel ball, stainless steel ball, carbon steel ball, copper bearing steel ball, alloy ball, etc. Among them, bearing steel ball is an important basic part of industry. Alloy steel ball is a spherical ferroalloy wear-resistant body mainly added with metal elements such as carbon, chromium, manganese and molybdenum and generated by forging, spinning, rolling and casting. It is an important part of grinding industrial, mining ball and cement ball.


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