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steel bar induction hardening and tempering equipment is suitable for shaft, torsion rod, stabilizer bar series induction hardening and tempering heat treatment. The machine is composed of bed, transistor heating power, high temperature tempering power supply, workpiece loading and unloading assembly, induction heater, tempering induction heater, cooling system and so on. The PLC control system is used to realize automatic feeding, transportation, heating, parameter monitoring and recording control. Induction hardening and tempering equipment has advantages of fast heat treatment speed, less oxide, energy saving and so on.

Forever induction bar hardening and tempering equipment advantages

1. With automatic material loading and unloading functions.

2.Multi-stage heating function to ensure uniformity of heating temperature, while there is temperature measurement instrument at induction heater inlet and outlet for real-time measurement of bar heating temperature.

3,.Quenching power, tempering power, quenching temperature, tempering temperature and workpiece feeding rate is controlled by the system automatically. The system can provide temperature closed-loop control.

4.Heating power, power supply, current, frequency, tempering power, tempering power supply voltage, current, frequency, heating feed rate, quenching temperature, tempering temperature and other parameters is set by the system and record, processing parameters can be traced back.

5. High-strength welding bed, aging treatment and then finishing, stable performance.

6.Workpiece rotating mobile motor: frequency control.

7.Induction heater replacement: manual water and electricity quick change.

8. The induction heating coil is using variable pitch design–energy efficient.

9.Power supply and heating furnace has security protections including water pressure protection, water flow protection, water temperature protection, air pressure protection.

10.Control cabinet integrated control box.

11. Alarm: sound / light fault alarm, the control interface displays the alarm information and records.

12.Connection between inductor and spray: Using stainless steel / brass quick change connector.

13. Electronic control mode: PLC / touch screen + PLC.

14.The machine control system can carry out the processing parameters of monitoring and recording with historical inquiries, online monitoring, output printing and other functions.

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