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Steel bar heating, medium frequency induction heating equipment is the first choice!

Steel bar is a kind of prestressed steel with high technical content. It is widely used in electric poles because of its high strength toughness, low relaxation, good weldability, upsetting and saving materials (such as φ 11mm steel bar can replace φ 20mm hot rolled steel bar) and so on. Viaduct pier, railway sleeper, etc. Steel bars are heat-treated before they can be used in these industries. steel bar induction heating equipment at present more equipment is medium frequency induction heating equipment.

The medium frequency steel bar heating equipment is used to heat-treat the steel rod. Firstly, the inductor is made according to the specification of the steel bar, which can ensure the uniformity of the heating temperature of the steel rod to the maximum extent and avoid the occurrence of non-uniform defects. The heating quality of the steel bar is guaranteed. Secondly, the heating method is very flexible, it can be heated either as a whole or locally, which can meet the different requirements of customers and reduce the cost of production.

Compared with traditional heating, induction heating equipment has many advantages over traditional heating, such as fast heating speed, good heating effect, no oxidation and decarbonization phenomenon, no cracks and deformation defects, environmental protection and energy saving, and so on. The most important thing is that the device is easy to operate and can be learned in three minutes without the need for specialized manual training.

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