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square steel billet heating equipment

Forever Electromechanical has many years of induction heating production experience, high-quality automatic feeding billet induction heating machine , and intelligent series resonance induction heating power control, making our square steel heating equipment energy-saving by 10% -30% and reliable performance. So far, Hebei Forever Electromechanical Steel Heating Equipment has received good feedback from customers in Taiwan and Vietnam. Our induction heating furnace has mature technology and guaranteed quality. Successful video cases are available for your reference. Welcome to the company for investigation!

The square steel heating equipment is controlled by an intermediate frequency resonant power supply, which has the following characteristics:

Parallel resonance design, phase shift power regulation, mature and stable equipment; It has more advantages in the high-power range of 3000KW people.

DSP control, fast capture of phase locked start, meeting frequent start and stop requirements, with a high success rate.

◆ The billet induction heating machine for forging has variable frequency and load adaptation, with a frequency adaptation range of 200-10000Hz. The induction furnace is replaced and automatically matched, without any manual adjustment.

The cabinet adopts T2 copper bars, which have been sandblasted and passivated, with low leakage inductance and oxidation resistance, effectively reducing line losses.

◆ Full touch screen control, pure digital setting, square steel induction heating electric furnace with complete process records and strict level permissions. The main parameters can be restored to factory settings with one click.

◆ The power supply has a single unit power of 50-6000KW and a frequency of 200-10000Hz.


Characteristics of square steel heating equipment:

1. The heating temperature is high and non-contact heating is used, making the heating of the workpiece more uniform.

2. The steel billet continuous casting and rolling heating furnace is carefully designed with sensors, which have high heating efficiency, fast heating speed, and easy temperature control. 3. According to customer needs, the workpiece can be heated as a whole or locally;

4. The complete set of square steel heating equipment has high temperature control accuracy and fully automatic intelligent control;

5. Energy conservation and environmental protection, a green product advocated by the state

6. The heating equipment for square steel is controlled by the American Leitai thermometer, which displays the current heating temperature of the steel billet in real-time, making the heating more uniform.

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