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Round steel heating forging medium frequency furnace

The company has been engaged in extensive observation, thick accumulation and thin development. FOREVER electromechanical has been changing with the market demand for more than 20 years, constantly learning and improving, challenging itself, daring to innovate and making steady progress! FOREVER’s main products also include: round steel heating and forging medium frequency furnace,steel bar heating furnace, steel bar induction heating equipment, billet induction heating furnace, steel bar quenching and heat treatment equipment, threaded steel quenching and tempering production line, aluminum bar heating equipment, etc. telephone consultation can provide you with the selection of round steel heating and forging medium frequency furnace free of charge.


Advantages and characteristics of medium frequency furnace for heating and forging round steel:

1. Uniform heating temperature, high temperature control accuracy, small temperature difference and no pollution.

2. High startup success rate and strong reliability.

3. Frequency conversion / load change adaptation, induction heating capacity of steel (diameter / wall thickness / length / material) with maximum specifications and varieties. Users can choose to change the furnace manually or automatically, which can be widely used, so that the utilization rate of round steel heating, forging and medium frequency furnace can reach the highest (diversified applications of frequency conversion, one drive and more).

4. Temperature closed-loop control system, infrared thermometer measures the heating temperature of the blank at the outlet of the induction furnace, and displays the heating uniformity in real time.

5. Intelligent control system of round steel heating furnace: intelligent and customized operation monitoring system based on digital platform design, with high production efficiency.

6. Round steel heating forging medium frequency furnace quality monitoring system and quality traceability function, real-time monitoring / remote control of operation status, fault self diagnosis function.

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Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical, a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment, is preferred for round steel heating and forging medium frequency furnace. The manufacturer is direct selling and the price is low. It provides customers with round steel heating and forging medium frequency furnace with durability, simple operation and high cost performance! There are complete sets of quality testing equipment, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy conservation and stability. FOREVER electromechanical has perfect and timely after-sales service. If you have any consultation in this regard. You can consult the induction heating equipment technical engineer of FOREVER Electromechanical Specialty for free, and you can get the quotation of round steel heating forging medium frequency furnace and round steel medium frequency diathermy furnace for free.


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