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Professional production of steel pipe heating induction equipment

Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. mainly researches, produces, and sells various series of steel pipe heating furnace , with complete models and stable product quality. The company has multiple induction heating technology engineers and nearly 20 years of experience in induction heating technology research, development, and production of induction heat treatment equipment.

When purchasing steel pipe heating equipment, simply tell us the specifications, heating temperature, and heating efficiency of the heated workpiece, and Forever’s engineers will provide you with professional technical solutions for pipeline induction heating equipment.

The outstanding advantages of steel pipe induction heating equipment :

1. Intermediate frequency voltage doubling output, with a wide output slot and small copper bar gap design, reduces power loss in the line, and can save up to 10% -15% electricity

2. The induction heating furnace body of the pipeline heating equipment adopts double insulation treatment, which increases the service life and reliability by three times. The thin furnace lining design reduces space magnetic leakage, and the electrical energy conversion efficiency is extremely high, achieving the goal of energy conservation and consumption reduction

3. A prefabricated induction furnace with convenient disassembly and assembly, a new energy-saving lining with a longer service life in China, and connecting copper bars without water cooling.

4. Steel pipe heat treatment equipment is efficient and energy-saving, with low burning loss of billets. It can meet the precision forming requirements of most billets without adding a protective atmosphere, and has a pause insulation function.

5. The automatic forging production line is composed of a fully automatic feeding machine for pipeline heating equipment, a discharge device, a high and low temperature sorting of billets, and a forging manipulator.

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