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Steel pipe heating furnace

Steel pipe heating furnace


Application Steel pipe heating, annealing,hardening and tempering.
Power 100KW-10000KW
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Product Name: Steel pipe heating furnace

Typical Applications:

Forever steel pipe heating furnace is available for power from 100KW-10000KW and frequency from 500Hz to 8000Hz.According to customer’s requirements, we can equip with PLC closed loop control system and automatic feeding and discharging system.

 Steel pipe heating furnace use:

Heating before forging: Used in the process of heating gear, axle bearing, connecting rod, shackle, rigging and other products before forging;

Online heating: pipeline anti-corrosion spray, bar online heating, steel (wire) pipe online quenching and tempering process and so on;

Partial heating: U type bolt bending, drum thermal assembly, steel pipe bending and other production heating process.

Performance features of steel pipe heating furnace

● Simple operation;flexible feeding and discharging material;high degree automation;

● With induction heating technology,the steel pipe can be heated very quickly and the heating efficiency is high;

● The user can control steel pipe heating length,heating speed and heating temperature exactly.

● Uniform heating for the work piece and small temperature difference between the surface and the core.

● Integration design for the inductor and furnace.There is quick change joint for different inductor,so it’s very easy to replace the furnace.750质量英文版 001_副本

Induction heating system-Steel pipe heating furnace service:free field installation and adjustment, quality tracking, one year warranty and life-long technical service and spare parts support.

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