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steel billet heating furnace is a kind of high quality steel tube annealing furnace designed and produced on the basis of the introduction of advanced induction heating technology from abroad, combined with the top technology in China, which has a unique structure and outstanding advantages, and the tube billet heating furnace has a unique structure and a prominent advantage in the design and production of a high quality steel tube annealing furnace. Affordable, widely used in construction, building materials, transportation, containers and other fields.

The advanced tube billet heating furnace has been optimized in structure, which is more advanced, unique and beautiful in appearance. The induction heating equipment is composed of intermediate frequency power supply, transportation system, induction heating system, control system and the like. At the same time, the induction heating equipment can also be equipped with a production line with a higher degree of automation and an automatic feeding and discharging mechanism. Far infrared thermometer, etc.

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