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Performance characteristics of Steel Plate Hot Rolling Production Line

Forever Electromechanical is a professional provider of steel plate hot rolling furnace solutions in China, providing free technical quotation solutions for steel plate hot rolling production lines. Customized hot rolling steel plate production equipment can be configured with PLC programming controllers according to user requirements, achieving full process automation of hot rolling steel plate production equipment.

Performance characteristics of Forever Electromechanical steel plate induction hot rolling equipment :

1. The steel plate hot rolling production line is equipped with a user-friendly interface display, which displays various parameters of workpiece heat treatment and allows real-time viewing of equipment operation

2. Using a frequency conversion speed control device for high speed electrical appliances, easy operation, balanced rotation, safe and accurate;

3. The cables should be arranged in a reasonable and standardized manner inside the equipment, making maintenance convenient and fast;

4. The steel plate induction heating equipment can be equipped with an infrared thermometer and a closed-loop temperature control system to automatically control the power of the equipment;

5. Equipped with overload protection device, when the pressure of the steel plate hot rolling equipment is overloaded, it can automatically alarm and stop the hot rolling steel plate heating furnace. When using the electromagnetic induction principle for heating operation, it does not produce dust, noise, etc;

6. It can form a continuous production line with other equipment, with a high degree of automation, saving time and effort.

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