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oil cylinder and piston rod induction hardening and tempering frunace

oil cylinder and piston rod induction hardening and tempering frunace Application:

It is applicable to the quenching and tempering heat treatment of metal workpieces such as piston rod, torsion bar, automobile stabilizer bar, and sucker rod

The complete set of tempering equipment for piston rod of movable oil cylinder includes: storage rack, quenching feeding machine, quenching heating module, quenching discharging machine, straightening machine, water spray cooling system, tempering feeding machine, tempering heating module, insulation module, tempering discharging machine, unloading rack, etc. The tempering production line for movable piston rod adopts rational human-machine interface, and PLC and industrial control machine are fully automatic. Characteristics of oil cylinder piston rod tempering equipment:

1. Integration of feeding system, heating system and quenching system

Strong completeness and reasonable combination effectively save the time for customers to purchase equipment.

2. High precision design ensures zero wear of materials

The conveying roller table of the material rack is designed with V-shaped roller, which is smooth and wear-resistant, and will not damage the workpiece during use.

3. Perfect control system

In order to effectively ensure the quenching and tempering effect of the workpiece, our quenching and tempering equipment adopts a temperature closed-loop control system in the quenching and tempering process, with high temperature control accuracy.

4. Independent electric control counter control operation

The main electrical components are international famous brands, which are easy to operate and accurate to control.

5. Reliable quality and stable performance.


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