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Never expected, China has such professional manufacturer of Casing quenching tempering line !

Never expected, China has such  professional manufacturer of Casing quenching tempering line !

Before Casing quenching tempering line has been invented, most enterprises use flame furnace and resistance furnace to heat the casing. Compared with the flame furnace and the resistance furnace, the induction heating furnace has remarkable characteristics.

  • Induction heating furnace has fast heating speed and short time. 
  • Heating workpiece with less iron loss. 
  • 100% start and instant start and stop. 
  • Induction heating furnace saves material and produces high efficiency. 
  • Available for local heating and heating of workpieces, and the product quality is excellent. 
  • The temperature in the induction heating furnace is easy to control, so it is easy to realize automatic control. 
  • The worker’s working environment is safe, quiet and clean. 
  • Induction heating equipment covers little area and is easy to maintain. 

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