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Need bar quenching and tempering equipment ? Check here !

Need bar quenching and tempering equipment ? Check here !

Why more and more factories choose induction heating furnace to become the main bar quenching and tempering equipment? With the growth of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection awareness, and government policies for saving electricity % environment protection in industrialized production. More and more users are willing to choose induction heating method.

Characteristics of bar quenching and tempering equipment:

The induction heater adopts IGBT technology and full bridge inverter.

100% load continuous rate design, continuous working for 24 hours.

The induction furnace has perfect maintenance function and high reliability.

Able to connect with the remote control and infrared temperature measurement, 100% temperature control.

Alternative flame burner, coke furnace, salt bath furnace, gas stove, stoves and other heating methods.

Closed-loop temperature control to ensure the heating temperature can reach target temperature all the time.

“One key” operation: The user only need to choose the corresponding process No. for different steel bars, then the whole system will run as per setting parameters. Of course, our technician will set the heat treatment parameters for you in advance.

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