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Medium frequency annealing equipment for steel pipes

Hebei Forever Electromechanical Induction Heating Equipment Manufacturer is a manufacturing company mainly producing Steel pipe induction annealing furnace . Product models such as thick walled steel pipe annealing furnaces and stainless steel pipe annealing furnaces can be customized according to user requirements. Forever Electromechanical steel pipe medium frequency annealing equipment has won the market with continuous innovation and good service.

The medium frequency annealing equipment for steel pipes is designed with manual and automatic power adjustment knobs, with automatic being the temperature closed-loop control mode.

The external control adopts a PLC operating platform system control, using a computer system touch screen control. On the touch screen, it is convenient to input heating parameters, steel pipe specifications, heating speed, annealing temperature, etc. After the parameters are input, the intermediate frequency power supply temperature closed-loop control system will automatically adjust the output power to meet production needs.

When the Induction annealing steel pipe machine malfunctions at a certain stage of production, the intermediate frequency power supply can provide insulation according to the temperature set by the computer to avoid burning the steel pipes.

The Stainless steel pipe induction annealing equipment is set according to user requirements.

The medium frequency annealing equipment for steel pipes is configured with 500KW, leaving sufficient power margin to ensure continuous and stable production for 24 hours.

All exposed conductive materials are installed in the locked electrical control box and marked with safety warning signs to prevent electrical safety accidents.

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